Stewardship is at the heart of what we do.

Stewardship is at the heart of what we do.

We aspire to be responsible stewards of what has been entrusted to us – build communities, impact lives, and give people another reason to smile. We are the country’s largest services group with a dominant presence in almost all of the archipelago’s first, second and third tier cities.

As one of Asia’s largest and most diversified conglomerates, Lippo Group’s investments in real estate, retail, hospitality and leisure, healthcare, education, media and news, telecommunications, digital technologies and financial services has been driven by our responsibility to the community. Over the past 60 years, we have established a model for growth and innovation, obtaining leadership in key industries and new markets.

Dedicated to its vision of “Growing in Stewardship, Transforming Lives”, Lippo’s education foundation manages 52 schools and two universities, including Indonesia’s leading private university. Our healthcare initiative also manages Indonesia’s largest healthcare group, comprising 22 hospitals across the Indonesian archipelago, including Indonesia’s first and only world-class cancer treatment hospital.

Visi dan Misi

PT. Harta Ban Indonesia

Visi :

Menjadi perusahaan distribusi dengan sistem teknologi yang terintegrasi serta selalu mengutamakan pelayanan profesional kepada semua konsumen

Misi :

  1. Konsisten dalam menjaga kecepatan dan ketepatan pendistribusian barang keseluruh Indonesia
  2. Memberikan harga dan kualitas yang kompetitif
  3. Menjaga hubungan jangka panjang dengan seluruh customer dan rekanan